04 July 2008

Lightning and Labor

Our brief vacation from the blogosphere has come to an end. We did not intend to spend so much time away. We also did not intend for lightning to strike our home and damage our electronics, computer included. A few weeks, some minor repairs, and a couple dollars later, we're back and ready to catch up.

Some have requested our labor story, so here is a brief run through:

Sunday, June 1
9:30 "Patrick, I've decided to get an epidural."

11:30 Retire to bed. Wonder how my instincts could have been wrong. No baby this weekend.

11:45 Thoughts: Who could possibly find it entertaining to throw a water balloon at a slumbering pregnant lady? I also jump out of bed and race to the restroom, but don't know why I've chosen to do so.

11:46 Realize the pulsating pain coming from my abdomen is not a sudden hunger attack, which is probably why I jumped out of bed.

11:47 Gently rouse Patrick with a quiet "I think my water broke." Reply: "Wake me up in half an hour."

11:50 Second contraction. "We need to go to the hospital. Now." Patrick frantically jumps out of bed to pack his bag, pack the car, and generally freak out. Calm sweeps over me as I realize I will soon hold our baby boy in my arms.

12:10 On the way to the hospital. Grandparents are called. Contractions = 4 1/2 minutes apart

12:30 Patrick misses the freeway exit to the hospital due to construction and heart failure.

12:45 Enter ER. Contractions = 3 minutes apart

1:00 Enter Labor and Delivery. 100% effaced, dilated to a 5.

1:30 Dilated to an 8. Epidural. More magic than Madam Pomfrey conjures up in the hospital wing.

Waiting game. Failed attempts at napping. Perfect nurse.

3:30 Begin pushing. Baby's heart rate drops periodically during pushing. Try different positions.

4:15 Oxygen mask.

4:30 Oxygen not working. Internal monitor placed on baby. Suspect cord is wrapped around his body.

4:45 Doctor arrives in a rush of hospital personnel.

5:00 Baby can't make it through on his own. Vacuum is necessary.

5:16 Wide eyes, distinct cry, goopy mess, full head of hair. Tears all around. Our angel has entered the world. Can we have another?

Other Updates:
On June 14, someone must have known we were celebrating our Family Birthday because I walked out of my home to see this...

P and I were married 5 years ago and it has been a whirlwind of experiences. Please forgive me for recycling the same photo we used last year, but our scanner was one of the casualties of the lightning strike as well.

Our friend came over that morning to take family photos and then we watched Dan in Real Life.

Afterward we had a toga party.


Charlene Hefferin said...

Miss you...can't wait to meet Jonas. You've inspired me to start the "Hefferin Happenings" family blog. Love to all. Charlene

Anonymous said...

What a fun post! Thanks for sharing!

I saw you from afar at the pancake breakfast this morning. If I weren't saddled down with my own large clan, I would have come to view your newbie. Can't wait to see him in real life, he's such a sweetie in all of his pics! :)

ps: bummer about the lightening. how frightening!

Kara said...

If only we could all be so lucky in the labor department.

Glad you are all okay and only electronics were hurt during the lightening strike.

Chris, Heather, Gabe, and Marissa said...

So that is where you have been. I'm glad that you are back.
So thanks for sharing the labor story. You crack me up Jen. Also Jonas is such a little sweet heart. I just love all the pictures you post.

vigues said...

Thanks for the labor story. I love those! You are so amazingly lucky to have had a short first labor.
Beautiful baby, so sweet.
Sorry bout the lightning. That sounds stinky. Glad it was mostly recoverable!
Miss y'all!