06 July 2008

June with Family and Friends

Our friends Robby and Amber have an adorable son (Zane) who is 6 1/2 months older than Jonas. Zane was nearly 10 pounds at birth, which is close to double Jonas' birth weight, so we had to see them together. At two weeks old though, Jonas was not quite as physically adept as Zane and struggled with holding himself up.

The thrill of the evening was when Zane held Jonas. Yes, don't they both look so delighted?

Mrs. Ordinary's parents came for a visit (and were also unfortunate victims of the lightning strike. Our AC went out and it was a blistering 93 degrees...inside the house). Jonas is so sad they are gone :(

We also celebrated the nuptials of Charis and Gordon. What a handsome couple! And Jonas behaved marvelously for everyone.


nbrawley said...

I love the hair (Jonas)!!!

Chris, Heather, Gabe, and Marissa said...

HOw fun that your mom and dad could come visit! By the way Jen, I think you look fabulous in that dress. Hot hot hot! You look okay too Pat.:)

Janae Walker said...

reed can't wait to come and play with jonas! i'm still working on a ticket! jonas is just so dang cute! p.s. i loved the labor story!

Jennifer said...


jessica said...

I love the picture of Jonas's hair sticking straight up. What a cutie!