28 May 2008

Crawfish Boil

During Mother's Day weekend we sadly could not be in California for Whitney's Wondrous Wedding because I am "too pregnant." So instead, we took advantage of a traditional Houston experience--a genuine crawfish boil. A friend throws a crawfish boil each year at his parents' bay house and we were lucky enough to participate in this very social experience. Even if you don't enjoy crawfish (they taste sort of like shrimp with a lot less meat), it's a great way to get together. You spend most of your time cracking them open and making a mess. Thanks Justin and Ben for hosting us!

How to Host a Crawfish Boil
Step 1. Buy 72 pounds of live crawfish

Step 2. Boil

Step 3. Throw contents on table

Step 4. Enjoy (watch out for the corn--wow, it's spicy!)

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