10 March 2008

Wedding Part II

Our computer has been in and out of rehab, so blogging has clearly been sparse. Hopefully our little Mac has been healed of its problems and we can get this thing updated...

Greg and Talese were married in the Provo Utah temple.
Look at those mountains! Gorgeous!
The flag was at half staff for President Hinckley's funeral, which was held the same afternoon.
Michelle and Alyssa waiting for the newlyweds to emerge.
Rebecca in all her flamboyance.

Greg and Talese. Beautiful couple.

09 March 2008

Wedding Part I

We made the trip to Utah last month for Greg and Talese's wedding.

Eating at our favorite restaurant (Cafe Rio) with one of our favorite people (Kristi).

Guitar Hero--always a grand time.

P's family before the big day.
Wedding pictures to follow.
P.S. My apologies to Janae. I didn't add our picture because I looked hideous.

08 March 2008


I am mostly welcoming myself back to blogging since I probably visit this blog more than anyone else. Our computer keyboard died right after the last post. It has been a process getting it fixed and our computer is not the same anymore. Very unfortunate. As a result, blogging has been sparse.

It has been a busy couple of months and there will be more posts shortly (tomorrow hopefully), but for now enjoy German night. Elizabeth visited and made spaetzle and something else I can't pronounce. They were dee-LISH. It's always fun to reconnect with good friends.