15 December 2007

Thanksgiving Part III: Nashville on Thanksgiving Day

We arrived in Nashville late Wednesday night and stayed with our friends Catherine and Brad. Catherine is from Nashville and they were in town for the holiday so it worked out perfectly to not only reunite with good friends, but to be with a native as well. Thanksgiving Day was jam-packed. Our first stop was at a replica of The Parthenon. It is located in a gorgeous park.

Blue Steel. Can you tell?

This tree stood out because it was so knotty. P is climbing it with a broken wrist. We were surprised by the vivid colors in Tennessee--especially so late in the year. Look at that beautiful tree in the background!

Brad and Catherine on the Titanic

After the Parthenon, we walked around downtown, but I couldn't snap any good pictures. We visited the Nashville temple and then spent the evening with Catherine's parents, grandparents, and brothers and sisters. They are such a delightful family! They were incredibly welcoming and loving. We couldn't be with our families on Thanksgiving Day and it was wonderful to be treated like family by people we just met.

To finish the evening, we watched Enchanted. Clearly, Catherine and J had more of a say in the choice than Brad and P. The girls thought it was cute. The boys...well, they're boys. I will give them credit--they didn't tease us too much about it. Thanks guys!

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