09 December 2007

Thanksgiving Part II: Little Rock

Arkansas was gorgeous. The only thing we knew about the state were stereotypes, so we had very low expectations. We couldn't have been further from the truth! We stopped in Hope first (Clinton's birthplace) which was actually pretty disappointing and rundown. However, the drive through the state was beautiful.
We visited Central High School which is beautiful and enormous. The Brown vs. Board of Education decision was tested here when nine black students were integrated into the school. On the first attempt, the students were not permitted in by the state. Three weeks later, the students were escorted in by the National Guard.
This gas station is across the street and was restored because they let the media use the facilities during the three-week ordeal.
Unfortunately, this beautiful school is in a very rundown neighborhood. This is on the opposite corner of the school.
At the Capitol, there was a set of statues commemorating the Little Rock Nine.

More Little Rock Capitol
For you TV buffs, this is the home Designing Women was filmed in. Strange location. It's a private residence now.
We had a great time in Arkansas!

P.S. It's 85 degrees in Houston right now. I thought it was December!


Amber & Robby said...

Looks like Fun! and great pictures too.

www.jaredjohnsonfam.wordpress.com said...

It looks like you guys had a great trip. All that history jammed into such a short amount of time. You look great! I can't believe how warm it is out there. We're freezing, well at least by Vegas standards. It drops down to the low 40's at night. Hope you're taking advantage of the heat.

natalie said...

That looks like so much fun! What a neat part of the country. So much history there. I don't know of anyone whose hair grows faster than your hair does! My gosh! It is SOOOOO long and looks wonderful!