29 December 2007


Nothing quite says "Bad Blogger" like seeing your own Christmas party on not just one, but two blogs before you even think about posting. Thank you Amber and Amanda :)

Nothing says "Even Worse Blogger" than knowing you ought to post on the party, but are still too lazy to do so. And that is the predicament I am in today. So instead of The Hunt's Second Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Extravaganza, you will be entertained with P's surgery. I will get the rest up this week, but this post is easier.

P broke his hand the Saturday before Thanksgiving playing basketball. Because he believed it was just a contusion or a sprain, he did not go to the doctor for 4 weeks (when WebMD helped him recognize his symptoms). He broke his left scaphoid which is apparently the most difficult bone to heal.
Here is P's hand after the surgery.
The surgery (12.17) was quick and P was a trooper. The doctor put a screw in his wrist to help him heal.
As he awoke from the anesthesia he made a pass at the RN saying, "Are you my nurse? You're so pretty. You should be on a Christmas card." When I came to see him, he said, "Hi babe. Did you see my nurse? She's so pretty. And you're pretty too. But isn't she so pretty?"

P and Pretty Nurse Debbie. She must have been very flattered by his doting. Notice her hand is on his head.
P's recovery was quick and included Vicoden along with some kind of constant numbing agent for the first two days. He received his cast on Friday (12.21) and is doing very well.