30 December 2007

Tacky, anyone?

The Hunt's House of Fun held the Second Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Extravaganza on 15 December 2007. Consensus: it was a mighty success.

The Sweaters:
Stacy stayed until 2 am rolling eggrolls. She is stalwart.

It is difficult to look menacing with tacky Christmas sweaters, but Josh and Brad pull it off

J making eggrolls

Shyann, Josh, and Jayden: Check out their homemade sweaters courtesy of Shyann's creative brain. The bows are fantastic on Shyann's. If you look closely, there is a green button on Josh's that says "Push" and plays Christmas music. It was my favorite feature of the evening!

Kim and Richard

Elizabeth and Kim

Thug Mitchell

Robby, Amber, and Zane. While their sweaters are very festive, please notice the handcrafted tacky onesie sported by the neonate Zane. Nice Amber!

Amanda, Ryan, and Baby



My sweater was not as bold as last year's, but had much more to offer in fine detail. From far away, the sweatshirt only looked ugly. Upon closer examination, the intricate details of what a Christmas Around the World could really look like is absolutely exquisite. Each person is different and has its own Christmas flavor.

The Christmas cowboy is my favorite. What can I say? I grew up in the West.

The Cookie Decorating:
P and Jayden starting off the cookie decorating. Notice P's hand. This was 2 days before his surgery.

Jack and Gracie


The cookie decorating contest brought a lot of strong contenders (most under the age of 7 and most submitted by renowned decorator Gracie)

The winner of the cookie decorating contest. We don't know who the artist is because they had to go to bed before the announcement was made. Congratulations mystery decorator!

The Winner:
P announcing the difficult task of choosing Tackmaster of the Evening. There were so many contenders, but one truly blew us away at the last minute...

Ryan accepting his award for Tackiest Sweater of the Evening (for those interested, he received a paint-it-yourself Santa bobblehead).

While many sweaters were in the running, the catalyst leading to Ryan's ultimate win was when P blurts out (midsentence), "Excuse me, but are you wearing a woman's sweater?!" Amanda starting cracking up (as did all the women who knew it was a women's sweater) while Ryan flushed with embarrassment. Between breaths, Amanda was able to squeeze out an, "I thought you knew!" but the damage was done. Then Ryan started expressing some of the musings he'd had during the evening. "I thought the arms were a little tight and I wondered if I was gaining weight." "It was missing the thick layer at the bottom." As we examined the sweater further, it was unmistakable that much to his chagrin, Ryan was indeed wearing a woman's sweater. Please note the fine details: velvet bows, red sequins (or as says, "sequence"), gold beads, candy cane piped edging, tapered arms, American flag, skiing bear, the tag even said something like "Cottage Creations."

We had a great turnout at this year's Extravaganza. For those of you who missed out, start searching for your sweaters now. Next year will be bigger and better.


tyler and ali said...

That is a fabulous idea! We might have to copy that...but I don't know if I can get Tyler into such a sweet holiday sweater...

Chris, Heather, Gabe, and Marissa said...

Jen Spooner!
Hey, i'm so glad that you found us. I seriously think you are the coolest! I love the tacky sweater party, pretty funny.
So you are in Texas right? How is that going? Are you teaching?
Well, keep your blog updated, I love seeing how your doing.

Karen said...

Jen, i love this idea. i think I will copy it next year. I love the line that Pat said to the nurse...that is so hilarious. Are you feeling okay? Do you know what you are having?