17 November 2007


A coworker of mine is really into Z cars and does tons of car shows. I had never been to a car show before, so we went to show our support.
Here is her car. It won a few awards.
This car was one of the first 100 made of its model and still owned by the original owner. I don't know anything about cars, so that tidbit of information doesn't mean much to me. However, it's a unique shade of green that I thought was pretty so we took a picture.

I work on a team with all women (the man in the photo is no longer employed with us, but was the sole source of testosterone in the hallway for the first two months of the school year). P was kind enough to allow a Pride and Prejudice gathering at our home and did a lot of yardwork that day. These are some of the women on my team.

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Brianna Johnson said...

Now when you say Pride and Prejudice meeting what exactly do you mean? In my mind I'm thinking a get together with a bunch of friends to watch the movie, but that's just because I look for any excuse to watch that movie- I LOVE IT!!! Looks like you had fun at the car show.