19 November 2007

Art...or something like that

Our home is rather sparse and needs something to liven up the walls. Here is our latest project for the downstairs bathroom.

Step 1. Plaster.

Step 2. Paint.

Step 3. Hang.


On Saturday, we went to an antiques market/mall. Despite my extensive training through Antiques Roadshow Academy, I still struggle seeing the difference between old junk and valuable artifacts. There were some interesting items, but we walked away empty-handed (although the 1990 pop-up book of the original TMNT did pique our interest).

17 November 2007


A coworker of mine is really into Z cars and does tons of car shows. I had never been to a car show before, so we went to show our support.
Here is her car. It won a few awards.
This car was one of the first 100 made of its model and still owned by the original owner. I don't know anything about cars, so that tidbit of information doesn't mean much to me. However, it's a unique shade of green that I thought was pretty so we took a picture.

I work on a team with all women (the man in the photo is no longer employed with us, but was the sole source of testosterone in the hallway for the first two months of the school year). P was kind enough to allow a Pride and Prejudice gathering at our home and did a lot of yardwork that day. These are some of the women on my team.

08 November 2007

Strange Coincidence

This photo has a history to it. Well, not so much the photo as the people in it. Barb (left) is my BFF's sister-in-law. Elzabeth (center) is Barb's BFF. When P and I lived in Portugal about 2.5 years ago, we stopped in England on the way home to the States for a visit. Barb and her husband were both attending Oxford and graciously allowed us to stay with them (which was a blast by the way). Strangely enough, Elizabeth flew into England for a wedding (she was living in Germany at the time) and stayed at Barb's place one of the nights we were there as well. One year later, Elizabeth and I were placed in our current location and met at our summer teacher training. We put all the pieces together and voila! Instant friendship! The world is so small. Elizabeth lived with us this summer (also fun, but her commute was horrendous) and when Barb came for a visit last month, they surprised me. It was so wonderful to be reunited!

04 November 2007

Brazos Bend

Brazos Bend State Park boasts roaming alligators, and they certainly weren't joking. We saw 15 full-grown gators and around 10 baby gators. Some of them were in the marsh near the path and others were directly in the path, causing detours for many observers. It was cool to be so close, but kind of scary for wimps like J.