30 September 2007

Ma and Pa Ordinary

My parents came to Houston for their second annual Houston visit in July. It is always so nice when family and friends come for a visit (hint, hint)

02 September 2007

Chicago Part 6

Out final Chi-town soiree was an architecture river cruise. The city is beautiful.

This little girl followed J around, putting her head on her lap and holding her hand. Friendly child.

For your viewing pleasure

Chicago Part 5: Photo Shoot

Kym, Joe, Katie, and J had an emotions photo shoot.




Regardless of emotion, most of Katie's looked the same.




You be the judge.




The End.

Chicago Part 4: Uncle Mark's Birthday

Joe dying of laughter because of the gift he bought for Uncle Mark (see below)

Angel needed to get in on the action.

Uncle Mark needed to perform his celebratory dance prior to blowing out the candles.

And who could forget the Sox? Certainly not our family.

Chicago Part 3: Family Barbecue

P never had the chance to meet all of J's family and was initiated at a family barbecue.
Blue Steel.
Joe said something about the beach...
Uncle Kurt, Matt, Aunt Liz, Kristin
Senior Photo Poses a la Matt and Kristin.
Cousins Photo. We missed you Steven, Tiara, Eric, and Lori.
"You can't buy these pythons at a pet store." Kristin entertained us with her ever-comical monologue. Kym: How far can I push these in? Joe: Yeah, I look good. J: Why don't my muscles look like Joe's? P is the bouncer at Club Hush and Matt must have missed the "muscles" cue since he is evidently playing a guitar.

Chicago Part 2

Aunt Gerry and Uncle Mark next to Lake Michigan.

Gorgeous skyline. The buildings aren't too bad either.
Taste of Chicago.
Kym and J at the Art Institute

Chicago Part 1

Life is busy, as always. We went to Chicago 2 months ago to visit J's family, but never put these up. Here goes...

We started off our walking tour of the Windy City with a delightful breakfast at Lou Mitchell's. P had pancakes, J had a cheddar-apple omelet. Mmmm!
Aunt Gerry, J, Kym, and Uncle Mark (Joe had school and couldn't join us).
The Bean.

Watch out Atlas!

01 September 2007