10 August 2007

In Loving Memory

James E. Faust
31 July 1920 - 10 Aug 2007


Bart and Kellie Yeates said...

What great pictures of Pres. Faust! I love the one that looks like a missionary picture. I just found your blog! Maybe that's cause I just made us one. Wow - I just talked to you on Facebook and now a blog - that's like Jen overload - so happy! It's fun to be able to keep in touch, and you look like you're having a blast!

Chris and Kara said...

Hey Jen! How fun that you have a blog too! It's been so long. Here is my blog link.


If you want to be added you will need to email me at KaraLWood@Yahoo.com so I can add you to my list since it's a private blog.