22 July 2007


Due to the recent release of the highly-anticipated Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, P&J are currently in a state of hibernation.

Upon completion of Book 7, we shall resume our regular lives. Thank you for your cooperation in this very serious matter.

17 July 2007

Eat Your Heart Out

Seriously, eat your heart out because, yes, that is me holding Super-Asher.

Trying to imitate the photo of Josh (on Mo's blog) with little success.

Fritz Trio

So stinkin' cute.

We miss you already Mo!

02 July 2007


What's this, you inquire? Has J finally bought her long-desired Audi Quattro?

No, a new A4 has not graced our presence, but we hit the Quattro mark on June 14 with our 4 year anniversary. We can hardly believe how quickly it has gone by.

Moving On...

Aaron and Rebecca (and Elaine) are moving to New Mexico so we had one last hoo-rah before they head out later this month. It included Mamita Bonita's famous sweet and sour chicken, pancit, and egg rolls--all of which required numerous phone calls home to ensure I didn't turn a time-honored tradition into a culinary fiasco. Thanks for saving dinner, Mama!

Due to bad angles and camera work (J's fault), P dwarves everyone in this photo (admittedly, I enjoyed a grand helping of unrestrained laughter because of it). You would never guess from the photo, but Jake is about 6'4" and those seated on the couch are not actually Lilliputians. My apologies to all involved.
Back: Rebecca, Elaine, Aaron, Shawn, and Stacie
Front: J, Goliath, Gretchen, and Jake

Also, P will be sure to bring up this juicy tidbit. The female reign of all things Buzzword is over. A sadder day in the Ordinary home has never been had. I apologize for not being in top form, ladies. I should have brought my A game.