15 June 2007

Mission: Accomplished

The last day of school was May 24. I no longer have the first-year teacher excuse to rely on, so I guess I will have to start teaching!

Here are two highlights:

55 days: Each student in both of my classes turned in 55 days of homework in a row, earning them a field trip to the Museum of Natural Science (and a no uniform day along the way). Another teacher's classes turned in about the same so they came with us. At Youngblood Intermediate, field trips are nearly impossible to secure. Historically, our kids don't do well in public (the school is banned from a different museum because some students killed all the butterflies in an exhibit). In addition, they are so far behind academically that the administration/school district believe field trips are luxuries we can't afford to have (not my point of view, but I'm not the decision maker). We were very fortunate to have this experience since it was the only trip all year. Our principal didn't think any classes would actually earn it so she may increase the number of required days for next year.

Two Years Growth: If you look really closely, you will see two popsicle sticks at the top of the mountain. The students achieved what Teach For America deems "significant gains" by increasing their reading levels about 2 years.

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