30 June 2007

Home Owners and Future Landlords

I am desperately trying to catch up on all the excitement in our life, but May and June were so busy that it feels like I am still a month behind! There are only a few posts left and my goal is to have them ALL finished by Wednesday before we leave for Illinois, so stay tuned!

For those of you who are unaware, we closed on our Texas house at the end of May. Buying this home was a whirlwind decision. Previously, we planned on building a home, but property taxes here are so outrageous we didn't think it would be possible (read: $400/month=$4800/year. We rented our first Provo apartment for $325/month).

With the end of our lease fast-approaching and apartment options disagreeable, we found a spec home and took the plunge. We signed a contract on this home (already built but never lived in) on May 19 and moved in May 31.

Here is the floor plan:

2172 square feet 4 bed 2.5 bath 2 floors 0 furniture

Seriously. Zero furniture. Our upstairs would be completely barren had we not made a recent purchase (bookshelf). And we thought our 1 bedroom + study was big! As we start getting settled in, we will take you on a virtual tour (until you can come out for the real one).

In other exciting home news, we also closed on a duplex in Cedar City, Utah about the same time (another reason for the May/June craziness). The title of this post uses the word "Future" as we do not have current tenants yet. :) We will try to get pictures up, but don't count on those by Wednesday. We haven't seen the house in person yet and Utah is a long commute, so it may take a while before we post them.

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NBrawley said...

Your house is super cute! And 2100 sq foot...that is HUGE. Glad you posted pic's.