14 April 2007


We went camping at the Stephen F. Austin state park outside of Houston. It felt like camping in a backyard since there were no mountains (and a golf course behind our tent), but it was still fun. The raccoons were aggressive, the rain came down quickly in the morning, and the Easter egg hunt was a success.

We had fun performing skits before bedtime.

I played the role of "pregnant woman." And yes, for all those who are curious, I was only acting.

Daphne had her own personal escort during the Easter egg hunt

Daphne calls Patrick "my buddy." So cute!

And by request, here's a picture of the long hair. It's about ready to make its final appearance.

Kids Are Funny.

My kids crack me up! Enjoy the following excerpt:

Me: Make sure everything you bring for the field trip is disposable. For instance, you would not want to bring your mother’s favorite, what’s the word…?

Chidozem (male student): Lingerie?

Me: Yes, that’s an excellent point. You certainly would not want to bring your mother’s lingerie to the Museum of Natural Science. You also do not want to bring her favorite Tupperware because it will get thrown away.

10 April 2007


On Saturday, our dear friend Laurie McGhee was baptized! We are so thrilled for her. Isn't she beautiful?

Our Herb Garden

Here are our little babies after just 2 weeks. We are thinking of naming them Parsley, Oregano, Basil, and Catnip.