15 March 2007

Happy Birthday Tanzik

Okay, we are just kidding. This is actually Eric and Lori's baby. We haven't blogged because we've been busy. Unfortunately, "I've been busy" is not as good of an excuse as "I had a baby." Tanzik was born December 18, 2006. Here are the photos Eric sent.


Hyeku said...

Jen you are bad! I gasped when I opened your page and someone had to ask if I was okay. That's embarrassing. I read way too far into it with your comment in the email about you seeing a "trend."
I think I'm due for a Spooner/Hunt baby though...I can't wait! And I still love your emails, they're just so entertaining. Maybe that's why people watch Ricky Lake and Montel b/c there is just so much drama. Sounds like you're holding down the fort well though. I'm so proud of you!

P & J said...

Hehehe. I wish I would have been there for the reaction. I miss you Hyeku. Come visit Houston and I will give you a personal tour of Ricki Lake and Montel. My kids are sure to please.