30 December 2007

Tacky, anyone?

The Hunt's House of Fun held the Second Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Extravaganza on 15 December 2007. Consensus: it was a mighty success.

The Sweaters:
Stacy stayed until 2 am rolling eggrolls. She is stalwart.

It is difficult to look menacing with tacky Christmas sweaters, but Josh and Brad pull it off

J making eggrolls

Shyann, Josh, and Jayden: Check out their homemade sweaters courtesy of Shyann's creative brain. The bows are fantastic on Shyann's. If you look closely, there is a green button on Josh's that says "Push" and plays Christmas music. It was my favorite feature of the evening!

Kim and Richard

Elizabeth and Kim

Thug Mitchell

Robby, Amber, and Zane. While their sweaters are very festive, please notice the handcrafted tacky onesie sported by the neonate Zane. Nice Amber!

Amanda, Ryan, and Baby



My sweater was not as bold as last year's, but had much more to offer in fine detail. From far away, the sweatshirt only looked ugly. Upon closer examination, the intricate details of what a Christmas Around the World could really look like is absolutely exquisite. Each person is different and has its own Christmas flavor.

The Christmas cowboy is my favorite. What can I say? I grew up in the West.

The Cookie Decorating:
P and Jayden starting off the cookie decorating. Notice P's hand. This was 2 days before his surgery.

Jack and Gracie


The cookie decorating contest brought a lot of strong contenders (most under the age of 7 and most submitted by renowned decorator Gracie)

The winner of the cookie decorating contest. We don't know who the artist is because they had to go to bed before the announcement was made. Congratulations mystery decorator!

The Winner:
P announcing the difficult task of choosing Tackmaster of the Evening. There were so many contenders, but one truly blew us away at the last minute...

Ryan accepting his award for Tackiest Sweater of the Evening (for those interested, he received a paint-it-yourself Santa bobblehead).

While many sweaters were in the running, the catalyst leading to Ryan's ultimate win was when P blurts out (midsentence), "Excuse me, but are you wearing a woman's sweater?!" Amanda starting cracking up (as did all the women who knew it was a women's sweater) while Ryan flushed with embarrassment. Between breaths, Amanda was able to squeeze out an, "I thought you knew!" but the damage was done. Then Ryan started expressing some of the musings he'd had during the evening. "I thought the arms were a little tight and I wondered if I was gaining weight." "It was missing the thick layer at the bottom." As we examined the sweater further, it was unmistakable that much to his chagrin, Ryan was indeed wearing a woman's sweater. Please note the fine details: velvet bows, red sequins (or as says, "sequence"), gold beads, candy cane piped edging, tapered arms, American flag, skiing bear, the tag even said something like "Cottage Creations."

We had a great turnout at this year's Extravaganza. For those of you who missed out, start searching for your sweaters now. Next year will be bigger and better.

29 December 2007


Nothing quite says "Bad Blogger" like seeing your own Christmas party on not just one, but two blogs before you even think about posting. Thank you Amber and Amanda :)

Nothing says "Even Worse Blogger" than knowing you ought to post on the party, but are still too lazy to do so. And that is the predicament I am in today. So instead of The Hunt's Second Annual Tacky Christmas Sweater Extravaganza, you will be entertained with P's surgery. I will get the rest up this week, but this post is easier.

P broke his hand the Saturday before Thanksgiving playing basketball. Because he believed it was just a contusion or a sprain, he did not go to the doctor for 4 weeks (when WebMD helped him recognize his symptoms). He broke his left scaphoid which is apparently the most difficult bone to heal.
Here is P's hand after the surgery.
The surgery (12.17) was quick and P was a trooper. The doctor put a screw in his wrist to help him heal.
As he awoke from the anesthesia he made a pass at the RN saying, "Are you my nurse? You're so pretty. You should be on a Christmas card." When I came to see him, he said, "Hi babe. Did you see my nurse? She's so pretty. And you're pretty too. But isn't she so pretty?"

P and Pretty Nurse Debbie. She must have been very flattered by his doting. Notice her hand is on his head.
P's recovery was quick and included Vicoden along with some kind of constant numbing agent for the first two days. He received his cast on Friday (12.21) and is doing very well.

19 December 2007

Thanksgiving Part V: The Finale

Every year, there is an ICE! show at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel (I think that's where it is--if not, it's close). This year's theme was How the Grinch Stole Christmas in honor of its anniversary. There are rooms filled with colored ice sculptures depicting Whoville. Upon arrival, we received enormous Smurf parkas because it is incredibly cold inside--10 degrees is the max in order for the sculptures to keep their shape.

Yep, these next two pictures are solid ice. It was pretty cool (no pun intended, but definitely appreciated I'm sure).

My Michael Jackson picture--white skin, no nose.

More ice sculptures.

Bye Greg and Talese! It was so much fun!

16 December 2007

Thanksgiving Part IV: Radio City on Tour

The day after Thanksgiving, Greg flew in for a visit and we finally met his fiancee Talese. Talese is in Nashville for the holidays performing as a Radio City Rockette. Seriously. We ate at the delicious Pancake Pantry and went shopping during the day. That evening, we went to see her show at the Grand Ole Opry, which was AMAZING. She was the best dancer up there. After the show, we were able to go backstage and briefly see some of the costumes and props.
P and Greg
The box said "Packages and Mail for Rockettes." Very fitting for Greg.

Talese and friends
The happy couple
P has been inspired by So You Think You Can Dance and is practicing for his big debut.

15 December 2007

Thanksgiving Part III: Nashville on Thanksgiving Day

We arrived in Nashville late Wednesday night and stayed with our friends Catherine and Brad. Catherine is from Nashville and they were in town for the holiday so it worked out perfectly to not only reunite with good friends, but to be with a native as well. Thanksgiving Day was jam-packed. Our first stop was at a replica of The Parthenon. It is located in a gorgeous park.

Blue Steel. Can you tell?

This tree stood out because it was so knotty. P is climbing it with a broken wrist. We were surprised by the vivid colors in Tennessee--especially so late in the year. Look at that beautiful tree in the background!

Brad and Catherine on the Titanic

After the Parthenon, we walked around downtown, but I couldn't snap any good pictures. We visited the Nashville temple and then spent the evening with Catherine's parents, grandparents, and brothers and sisters. They are such a delightful family! They were incredibly welcoming and loving. We couldn't be with our families on Thanksgiving Day and it was wonderful to be treated like family by people we just met.

To finish the evening, we watched Enchanted. Clearly, Catherine and J had more of a say in the choice than Brad and P. The girls thought it was cute. The boys...well, they're boys. I will give them credit--they didn't tease us too much about it. Thanks guys!