17 December 2006

U.S.S. Lexington

The U.S.S. Lexington is a museum built on an authentic WWII aircraft carrier. The history is fascinating--we both wished our parents were with us because they would have loved it.

The museum is enormous! We spent three hours there and did not see everything.

Keep an eye on the rising sun. In the next photo, you will find the same symbol, showing the exact spot where a Japanese kamikaze plane hit the Lexington.

Do you see where it was hit? The kamikaze pilot's mission was highly successful, killing 50 people and injuring 132.

On the flight deck...We couldn't believe how tall it was.


natalie said...

Jen how do you have time to have fun and travel while living in gangsta's paradise? You are incredible! And you look amazing! Love you both...when are you coming to Provo again?

P & J said...

You're too kind Natalie. We are arriving Friday night about midnight. We are staying a few days and then heading out to Cedar City and Las Vegas. We are so excited! Will you and Quincy have already left?

natalie said...

We are leaving on Wednesday for DC, then we go to Indy on Christmas Day. We return to P-town on Jan 3 (the day before our 1year anniversary!) I am so sad. I thought we would be able to see you. Guess we will just have to make the trip to Texas to see you! Love you guys