16 December 2006

Padre Island

During Thanksgiving break, Patrick and I explored more of Texas. We journeyed to Corpus Christi for a short stay, which is about 4 hours south.

On the way down, there were honey and pecan stands. We couldn't resist such Texas charm.

There was also a biker crew I couldn't resist taking a picture of. One woman's jacket said, "Property of Los Malos" while another said "Los Malos in Training."

We didn't arrive at our campsite until the evening, so we couldn't scope out a good spot, but luckily some regulars showed us the ropes. This is what we woke up to.

Our campsite.

Patrick LOVES the beach.

One of my students saw this picture and commented incredulously, "Wow Mrs Ordinary! You look so happy!" Maybe I need to start smiling and stop disciplining :)

As we walked along the beach, there were sandcrabs of every size--and they were all over the place! At night, it was kind of creepy since they were scurrying around at our feet, but we coudn't see where we were going. In the morning they weren't quite as intimidating. Can you spot the tiny one in this picture?

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