22 December 2006

New Ride, New Job

For those of you who don't know, we bought yet another vehicle. In x>5 months, we have bought 3 and we certainly hope this is the last. We were down to one car for a while, but Patrick kindly bought me this Ford Ranger so he could cut out 1.5 driving hours from his daily schedule.

In other news, sometime in November I fell into the volunteer position of Assistant Dance Coach. I'm not sure how it happened, but by the end of the semester, I did a step/hip hop routine with my 40 girls to Sean Paul's "Temperature." Starting in January however, there will be around 80 girls on the dance team. I have been promoted to Co-Coach with another teacher at our school.

This time I get paid, but I may have to use that money to take dance lessons! Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to witness my moves knows I have not been blessed with the gift of dance. And somehow, I am supposed to teach these girls to dance. Is anyone looking to make $20/hour every Friday? Maybe you could take over...

17 December 2006

U.S.S. Lexington

The U.S.S. Lexington is a museum built on an authentic WWII aircraft carrier. The history is fascinating--we both wished our parents were with us because they would have loved it.

The museum is enormous! We spent three hours there and did not see everything.

Keep an eye on the rising sun. In the next photo, you will find the same symbol, showing the exact spot where a Japanese kamikaze plane hit the Lexington.

Do you see where it was hit? The kamikaze pilot's mission was highly successful, killing 50 people and injuring 132.

On the flight deck...We couldn't believe how tall it was.

Corpus Christi

As we were leaving Malaquite Beach, we met the volunteer host couple. They live at certain parks in their RV for months at a time, and recently returned from a stint at Bryce Canyon. This is definitely something we want to look into when we retire.

We heard great things about the restaurants and shops at Water Street Market, so we assumed it would be something bigger than this sign. It wasn't. Oh well.

Selena's spirit is still thriving in Corpus Christi. We only visited the memorial, "Rua de la Flor," but next time we may need to stop in at the Selena museum, the Selena gravesite, and stroll down the Selena Walk dedicated to her memory.

The Texas State Asian Cultures Museum was interesting and is one of five in the United States. The artifacts were a personal collection prior to being donated. Once you have looked at everything, you can try on hats, use chopsticks, and make paper cranes. Patrick is trying to blend in by squinting his eyes, but it isn't terribly convincing.

Next post...the U.S.S. Lexington. Stay tuned!

16 December 2006

Padre Island

During Thanksgiving break, Patrick and I explored more of Texas. We journeyed to Corpus Christi for a short stay, which is about 4 hours south.

On the way down, there were honey and pecan stands. We couldn't resist such Texas charm.

There was also a biker crew I couldn't resist taking a picture of. One woman's jacket said, "Property of Los Malos" while another said "Los Malos in Training."

We didn't arrive at our campsite until the evening, so we couldn't scope out a good spot, but luckily some regulars showed us the ropes. This is what we woke up to.

Our campsite.

Patrick LOVES the beach.

One of my students saw this picture and commented incredulously, "Wow Mrs Ordinary! You look so happy!" Maybe I need to start smiling and stop disciplining :)

As we walked along the beach, there were sandcrabs of every size--and they were all over the place! At night, it was kind of creepy since they were scurrying around at our feet, but we coudn't see where we were going. In the morning they weren't quite as intimidating. Can you spot the tiny one in this picture?