08 October 2006

Teachers Night In

This weekend, we had dinner with two other Teach For America teachers at my school. From left to right, Aaron and Rebecca Mitchell; Us; Shawn Fairdosi and his girlfriend Stacie. Although I typically reserve the mini cheesecakes for baby showers, this seemed like an appropriate occasion.
Also, today was the Primary program and I am so thankful it is over! Learning eight songs in one month was trying. Luckily, I have 2.5 months to wait before my second piano appearance. Hopefully I will be ready this time.


natalie said...

You are quite the domesticated woman! I am so proud. You look incredible, sound incredible, and that makes me feel incredible! We miss you both. The Beals in Provo are calling the Hunts back for a visit! We love you guys!

Namlot said...

So these are the people who have replaced Jessica and I huh?

P & J said...

Yes Lance, they are indeed your replacements. However, if you move to Texas you will of course reclaim your position as our top Boggle competitors. We miss you two!