29 October 2006

Take a Tour With Us!

Many of you have not had the opportunity to visit, so we decided to take you on a tour of our apartment. We extend the invitation to come stay if you would like to. Our door is always open (figuratively speaking as it is clearly closed in this photo) and we love visitors!

Living Room

Here is our living room. We are thrilled with our newest purchase. The red couch comes in three pieces (one with two seats and two individual ones). We bought it yesterday for $200! It was such a great deal and SO comfortable. What a steal!

It goes well with our other couch, but the two together don't match the decor incredibly well. I'm sure we can make it work until we buy our house, though.

Laundry Room

VERY convenient.

Dining Room

Kudos to IKEA for providing this table.


We absolutely LOVE our kitchen. There is plenty of counter space and more cabinet space than we can fill up. The mirrors on the wall also make it look even bigger.


Our bathroom is long and narrow and complete with a garden tub.


We have two bedrooms which are nothing special to look at. Here is our walk-in closet, which is the nicest feature of the room. If you want to see more, come visit us! We would love to have you.

Halloween with the Whites

While walking past the pumpkins at the grocery store today, we realized we didn't have anything planned for Halloween!

Robbie and Amber are trying to figure out how to create ears and eyeglasses, but Amber has won the Blue Bell pumpkin carving contest before so she is very confident.

Patrick is hard at work...

...but not working quite as hard as Robbie.

The finished products. The picture isn't that great, but hopefully you can see the Whites chose to add glasses to a more traditional Dracula (right). Our pumpkin (left) was inspired by the famous luchador, Nacho Libre.

Yearbook Photo

This will be my yearbook picture this year. Too bad I look like one of my 5th graders.

08 October 2006

Teachers Night In

This weekend, we had dinner with two other Teach For America teachers at my school. From left to right, Aaron and Rebecca Mitchell; Us; Shawn Fairdosi and his girlfriend Stacie. Although I typically reserve the mini cheesecakes for baby showers, this seemed like an appropriate occasion.
Also, today was the Primary program and I am so thankful it is over! Learning eight songs in one month was trying. Luckily, I have 2.5 months to wait before my second piano appearance. Hopefully I will be ready this time.

01 October 2006

Our Form of Scrapbooking

We are very proud of our new decorations. We always have project ideas that never come to fruition, but this one actually happened! We bought baseboards at Lowe's, painted them pitch black, and printed out 19 of our favorite photos featuring vacation spots
ranging from London to the Bellagio. The pictures don't do it justice because it looks pretty sweet and is a very nice addition to our front room. It was fun to work on something together and actually have it turn out the way we envisioned.