08 September 2006

"You're in my world now!"

As you enter Mrs. Ordinary's world, the first thing you will notice is my favorite time-saver. On the first day of school, my homeroom decorated library book pockets. Each morning as the students enter the classroom, they are required to look me in the eye, give me a (firm) handshake complete with Good Morning Mrs. Ordinary, and turn their popsicle stick around. At 8:30, I can quickly glance to see if there is still a red "Absent" stick showing and turn in my attendance. Very effective. The only problem I have is my non-English speaking student. It always turns into "Goomor Mish Huh." You win some, you lose some.

You will see a horseshoe setup. This is how I monitor my students without actually calling them out all the time. Moving closer seems to snap them back into work mode and the horseshoe lets me get to every student. I can also work with small groups on the floor in the middle of the classroom and still be close enough to the other students.

Learning parts of speech is never a blast (perhaps that is why my 5th graders still don't know the difference between a noun and a verb). I think these posters are a bit silly, but the kids seem to enjoy them.

And finally, my board. Yes, I know there is both a U.S. flag and a Texas flag. Yes, I know the posters next to them are not the same size (but they are necessary since we pledge allegiance to the U.S. and Texas every morning). Yes I know the overhead projector screen is not centered with the board (and neither is the U.S. map). Yes, I know the poster above the board doesn't match and is also uncentered. Unfortunately, most of these items are irreversible and/or required and the rest were gifts. Oh well. Hopefully I will have slightly more control next year. We shall see. Also, 10 points to whoever spots all 3 timers (2 stop watches and 1 regular timer), which I believe to be man's greatest invention for the teaching world.

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