17 September 2006

"The Office" Party

To celebrate the much-anticipated release of the second season of our favorite television show, "The Office," we had a small get-together (read: the two of us).

We have been waiting months for this moment! (For you fairweather fans, the season premeire is Thursday)

In addition to our viewing marathon, we also had a menu of the finest Office cuisine. If you do not understand all of the allusions, this means you have a life and have not watched the first season 80+ times. Congratulations.

The earliest developmental stage of a ham and cheese sandwich, in honor of Jim Halpert of course. We also wanted to honor Pam Beesly as well, but forgot to buy Yoplait Mixed Berry yogurt. That will have to wait until Season Three.

Michael's favorite dessert was a must-have--ice cream cake (mint chocolate chip!). However, the $18.99 plus tax was a bit steep for our budgetary needs, so we improvised. Patrick is crushing Double Stuf Mint Oreos for the crust and mixing it with chocolate syrup.


The almost-finished product (whipped cream waited for the individual servings).

And finally, we couldn't forget the pilot's practical joke...

We were worried about "damage to company property" and being "put into custardy" but it was well worth the risk. Unfortunately, we got a little excited and took out the Jell-o far too early--the staple remover never really stood a chance. This is definitely an art form that requires grueling training.


jessica and lance tolman said...

It sounds like you two are enjoying Houston. I wish we could have been there for your big party. Maybe next time.

kt said...

This is so funny !!! I wish I could have attended the small get-together :)