03 September 2006

Labor Day Weekend

We decided to heed the advice of many-a-Texan and "Remember the Alamo!" Evidently, quite a few others took that same advice. It has been a long week, so we decided to drive to San Antonio for the day (about three hours west) and pay tribute to the Texas beacon of liberty and independence.

Upon arrival, we decided to eat at Rita's Icehouse on the River Walk where they serve ice cold drinks and good Texas food all day long. The enchiladas were great, but the fajitas? Not so much.

Here is Patrick looking very excited to eat his food. Clearly, the smile on his face shows he has not actually tasted it.

The San Antonio River runs through the city. Instead of building around it, the city built the River Walk around the 2.5 miles of river. There are shops and restaurants all along the river. There is even a stage and a small pavilion for a crowd to watch Flamenco dancers. Here we are on a tour of the area.


"La Villita" (little village) was the original center of town, but has since been replaced by the River Walk area. It is now a place where local artists sell their work.

Our last stop was El Mercado, or Historic Market Square. It is the largest Mexican Market outside of Mexico where you can buy crafts, ponchos, homemade gorditas, anything Mexican! Thanks to Tejano 107.5, there was also a lot of dancing in the street. It started off slow, but was pretty full by the time we left.

On Monday, we had a traditional Labor Day barbecue with a twist. I can already hear your lips smacking!

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